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Great! Buy cheap digital camera batteries and camcorder batteries here.

Live better with : a wholesale digital camera battery online shop. As the development of technology and advance of society, our life get better with various digital products . So we need more and more digital batteries and accessories .
Our digital camera battery online shop here, is your best choice to find best battery selection at the best prices. We supply various lithium ion, rechargeable, discount digital camera batteries camcorder batteries, battery charger, cell phone battery by all top manufactures as Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, HTC and more. Also we stock many chargers for these batteries. Shopping is easy and secure.

Digital Camera battery Quick Overview

  1. Battery Store :Keep charge level at 40% and store the digital camera battery in the cool, dry, clean palce. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the digital camera battery after a storage period.
  2. Battery discharge: Try to avoid frequent full discharging and when it become too hot during the discharging period, take it out . Especially need to pay attention is avoid over-charging and over-discharging.
  3. Battery charge : A new digital camera battery must be charged before use. And charge it in room temperature. Do not charged to higher voltages than digital camera battery threshold voltage
  4. Battery Clean : Use soft and soft cloth to clean its surface and pour soda water over its connection. Dont try to disassemble the digital camera battery.
  5. Want to know more about digital camera battery tips, See our battery tips.

Digital Camera Battery

Canon NB-6L
Casio NP-40
Kodak klic-5001

Camcorder Battery

CANON BP-808 battery
CANON BP-827 battery
SONY NP-77 battery
SONY NP-FH100 battery

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