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Discount New KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom Charger

brand new charger KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom

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  • Brand : KODAK
  • Type : Li-ion
  • Input : AC 100V-240V, 300mA, 50/60Hz
  • Output : DC4.2V/8.4V, 500mAh/850mAh
  • Product Info : KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom battery charger
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Shipping on the next business day Full One Year Warranty

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KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom charger suitable battery code :

Olympus Li-40B, Olympus Li-42B,

KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom fits Model :

Olympus Camedia X-600, Olympus D-630 Zoom, Olympus IR-300, Olympus SP-700, Olympus Stylus 1200, Olympus Stylus 7010, Olympus FE Series, Olympus FE-150, Olympus FE-150 Zoom, Olympus FE-160, Olympus FE-190, Olympus FE-220, Olympus FE-220D, Olympus FE-230, Olympus FE-240, Olympus FE-250, Olympus FE-280, Olympus FE-290, Olympus FE-3000, Olympus FE-3010, Olympus FE-4000, Olympus FE-4010, Olympus FE-5000, Olympus FE-5010, Olympus FE-5020, Olympus FE-5500, Olympus FE-300 Series, Olympus FE-300, Olympus FE-320, Olympus FE-330, Olympus FE-340, Olympus FE-350, Olympus FE-350 Wide, Olympus FE-350 Grand Angle, Olympus Stylus 700 Series, Olympus Stylus 710 Digital, Olympus Stylus 720SW, Olympus Stylus 730, Olympus Stylus 740, Olympus Stylus 750, Olympus Stylus 760, Olympus Stylus 770 SW, Olympus Stylus 780, Olympus Stylus 790SW, Olympus Stylus 820, Olympus Stylus 830, Olympus Stylus 840, Olympus Stylus 850 SW, Olympus Tough 700 Series, Olympus Tough 725SW, Olympus Tough 770SW, Olympus u Series, Olympus u-550WP, Olympus u 700, Olympus u 710, Olympus u 720, Olympus u 720SW, Olympus u 725SW, Olympus u 730, Olympus u 740, Olympus u 750, Olympus u 760, Olympus u 770SW, Olympus u 780, Olympus u 790SW, Olympus u 795SW, Olympus u 820, Olympus u 830, Olympus u 840, Olympus u 850SW, Olympus u 1040, Olympus u 1050 SW, Olympus u 1200, Olympus u 5000, Olympus u 7000, Olympus u 7010, Olympus X Series, Olympus X-785, Olympus X-790, Olympus X-795, Olympus X-800, FUJIFILM FinePix J10, FUJIFILM Finepix J100, FUJIFILM Finepix J110W, FUJIFILM FinePix J12, FUJIFILM Finepix J120, FUJIFILM Finepix J15, FUJIFILM Finepix J150W, FUJIFILM FinePix J20, FUJIFILM FinePix J210, FUJIFILM FinePix J25, FUJIFILM FinePix J250, FUJIFILM FinePix J30, FUJIFILM FinePix Z100fd, FUJIFILM FinePix Z10fd, FUJIFILM FinePix Z200fd, FUJIFILM FinePix Z20fd, FUJIFILM FinePix Z250fd, FUJIFILM FinePix Z30, FUJIFILM Finepix Z300, FUJIFILM FinePix Z33WP, FUJIFILM FinePix Z35, Casio Exilim EX-Z280, Kodak Easyshare M873 Zoom, Kodak Easyshare M883 Zoom, NIKON Coolpix S200, NIKON Coolpix S210, NIKON COOLPIX S220, NIKON COOLPIX S230, NIKON Coolpix S500, NIKON Coolpix S510, NIKON Coolpix S520, NIKON Coolpix S60, NIKON Coolpix S600, NIKON Coolpix S700, Pentax Optio L36, Pentax Optio L40, Pentax Optio M30, Pentax Optio M40, Pentax Optio T30, Pentax Optio V10, Pentax Optio W30,

KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom Charger notice

    Charger is very important to your battery, as it can give your rechargeable battery a second life, so we list some good charger tips for you better using KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom chargers.
  1. Carefully read the user manual of your KODAK for charging instructions.
  2. In the course of charging, the KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom multi-charger become hot, so you'd better use your multi-charger in ventilative place.
  3. When charging, do not use metal object touch the Easyshare M883 Zoom battery charger's connect metal, or it may be short circuit terminals.
  4. Don't disassemble or attempt to open the Easyshare M883 Zoom battery charger.
  5. A charger can charge the specified battery only!
  6. Please take out the battery from your charger when it is not in charging.
  7. In the end you must avoid setting your KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom battery charger in the following place :
    (1). The place with very high humidity and high temperature
    (2). Strong vibrative place
    (3). Dusty place
If you have any question about KODAK Easyshare M883 Zoom battery charger, please feel free to Contact us

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